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I am running HBO Go on a NC rooted running B&N 1.4.2, a NC running CM7.1 off eMMC and a rooted NT running B&N 1.4.0. All  run the HBO Go app from the Android Market/Play. I did not do any build.prop edits or other work beyond what the rooters provided on B&N firmware. You do need to be an HBO subscriber.

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I am running 1.4.2 and ManualNooter 5.02.19 on my NC.  No problems downloading app and watching movies.

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Would you be as kind to post the settings again?

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When I try to download the app from Google Play onto my rooted NC it gives me an error. 


 "error retrieving information from server" - Do you ever have this problem? If so do you know a fix? 

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DogDude wrote:

Has anyone figured out how to make HBO go work on the nook color?  Not interested in rooting my Nook at this point and have tried switching browser modes from tablet to desktop.  Desktop mode gives me a different HOB go page but to try to create a log-in or just log on is impossible because you can't keep the log on screen as your "top" active's buried by the HBO ads etc. ...

I bet its a game of getting into the text box before it flashes off the screen again ~ if you get to the login box with the on screen keyboard up, it doesn't matter that the log in screen has been covered by the promo rotation.


I've tried it in both the default browser and dolphin, and its [i]definitely[/i] needed to be in PC mode to avoid the "download your Android app from the PlayStore" screen.


OTOH, since my NC has a rooted stock kernel, the download app and startup app screens in the mobile mode DO work for me, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to win the sign-in mini-game.