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Re: How Do You Use Your Nook?

catarific wrote:

I have found so many uses for my Nook that I thought it might be interesting to see how others use their Nook.


For me, I use it as a calendar and reminders.  Great Nook Apps for that.


I use my Nook as a calculator and I leave myself notes I will need later. 


Sometimes I play word games and card games, too.


I have been using the web feature more and more, as well.


And, of course, and primarily, I use it for reading both free and paid books as well as library books, too.


I use my Nook every day and love it.


How do you use your Nook?



What note-program do you use? That was one of my pet-peeves, when I got it last year and last looked early this spring, before going on vacation.

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Re: How Do You Use Your Nook?

I use my NC less after finally getting a smart phone, however reading epubs is the primary use.  2nd main use is as TV info device, we like checking out info on actors, bios, history, movie info, wiki, etc on what we watch, and the NC is perfect for this.  Before I used my laptop which was heavy never like leaving it on the coffee table.  If I'm tired I read the news while in bed on the NC.  During the summer I like to get in the pool and either listen to music or talk radio streaming via the NC plugged into a set of speakers, no static much better than regular radio.


My smartphone has a faster cpu and has greater general functionality mostly due to the many android apps available (not available via B&N apps),  but I still love my NC.!

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Re: How Do You Use Your Nook?

Also, during election season I click through on enough articles at Nate Silver's 538 blog to run up against the NYT monthly article limit, so then I use the Nook Color to read those articles instead.