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N1E and NST/G download issues

Currently there are issues with the N1E and the NST/G when it comes to purchasing books.


The N1E will return a network error.  This may, or may not, have been fixed as of the time of this post.  I am unable to test as I do not currently have a N1E at hand. 


The work around for this is to buy, and download, the book via the website and then sideload it to your N1E. 


I do not think the N1E will let you refresh the library to download the book without giving your the same network error. 


The NST/G has a slightly different issue currently.  It will give an error when you try and buy a book via the shop function, stating you need to add a credit card.


The work around for this issue is to buy the book on the website and then refresh your library on your NST/G.  The device should be able to download it's just having issues with the purchase.


The Nook Team is aware of this issue and they are working on a fix.  No estimate was available as of the last time I was in contact with store support. 


I've noticed that an issue was started in the Nook News forum about this, and I replied their with the crux of this message.  I wanted to post here as this forum is easier to track than that one. 


I do not know why CS is not giving the work arounds I mention above.  Both should be perfectly functional alternatives until this issue is resolved. 

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