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Re: N2A vs. keeping nook as is

If you are not comfortable rooting but want access to the android market then a N2A is a great solution.


I am IT guy so I *have* to fiddle with any device I get. That and when a company says "You're locked into this" I cock an eybrow and say "Bet me". So my Nook Color is running ICS. I have completely removed the stock OS. My Nook Tablet is rooted. Mainly because ICS is still in the alpha stages of development and CM7 is, kinda of a side-grade not an upgrade from a technical perspective.


If I could have any one 3rd party reader ported to the Nook store it would be Cool Reader. I have .pdb dating back from my Handspring Visor on SD cards that this reader can open. I have tried moon reader and aldiko, and also fbreader. Cool Reader fits my needs best.


If you feel you want the additional functionality a N2A card can provide, then by all means go for it. I'd recommend creating one if you have some tech skill. If not just buy it. $40 is less then I spend a week on coffee and tea so it is very cheap.


There is one advantage to using an N2A card that has not been mentioned I think. As far as I know, it won't ruin your warranty.

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Re: N2A vs. keeping nook as is

ken60 wrote:

kcladyz wrote:

I had my N2A card for a week now and it is a little "buggy"  I actually prefer the nook  "as is"


Unless there is an android apps you can not live without I would just stick with your nook color as is but the N2A cards on ebay can come by rather cheap so you will not be at a financial loss if you want to give it a try.


If you really want the N2A benefits  I would just upgrade to a regular android tablet for you can get tablets rater cheap now. I love my nook but barnes and nobile is going to have a very hard time competing in the tablet world for now full fledged tablets are getting cheaper. The HTC View and Lenovo A1 are now cheaper than the Nook Tablet and no restrictions on what apps you can download. If BN wants to stay in the tablet/nook business they are going to have to convert to a full android tablet with access to the android market. I will understand the need to block apps but they are going to need to give us the full android experience otherwise people are going to stop buying a Nook and go towards the other tablets on the market!  it is a joke that BN makes us pay for apps that are free on the other tablets and we should not have to piddle around with a N2A card for what BN should be giving us to begin with.


Sorry I had a soapbox moment!  LOL

I agree with you ..the N2A card is not perfect. I don't like the rebooting to get back and forth between the two systems, but I had the tablet and it looked like a nice solution. I can't see myself buying a second tablet for Android Apps. I'll just will keep the card and work with it a little ..maybe it will grow on me. But I can see me staying on the stock side and being very content with it.

I agree. I actually ordered my n2a card the same day I ordered my NC. I am used to an Android phone and wanted the apps from the Market. Also, when I find a good deal (like FREE) book or app from Amazon, I can download it to the n2a side. However, I very much dislike having to reboot to switch back and forth and find myself using the stock side for all the time :smileyhappy:  I have a feeling that once my new iPad arrives from Apple on March 19th (fingers crossed) that I will probably never boot my NC to the n2a side again and it will simply become a color e-reader. I never felt it quite did the job of replacing a full-fledged tablet.........I bought it thinking it would (with the n2a card), but quickly determined it did not. I still love it, but it didn't stop me from pre-ordering an iPad!