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Re: NC2 on Windows 8?

If there be such a beast, the NC Windows 8 most likely will be based on the ARM processor. This will run Windows 8 RT and will not be able to used existing software. I believe using Windows 8 RT for a new NC will firmly put Microsoft in the tablet market. In the words of Michael Dell, "Android sucks".

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Re: NC2 on Windows 8?

Talk about reviving an old thread. The NC2 speculated about happened without MS ~ its the Nook Tablet. And the deal with MS happened, which is, at the outset, integration of the B&N ereader into Windows8 ~ presumably Windows8 Intel, Windows8 Metro for ARM tablets, and Windows8 Metro for smartphones.


So now the rumored Windows8 B&N tablet could be either a WindowsRT for tablets, or, as B&N did with Android, a WindowsPhone system.


The big announcement was not that, but rather the Surface. However, with the B&N ereader & bookstore to be integrated into Windows8, don't be surprised if the Surface shows up for sale from B&N.