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NGL Homescreen improvement

I know it's been mentioned that parts of the NGL software got a bit of a polish, but I have not seen anything that specifically mentions this feature.


As always the Homescreen shows what you're currently reading, and gives your progress.  However it now shows what you've read besides what you're currently reading.  I have not done much testing, but there does not seem to be much of a limit (I had 4 books in there).  It's not limited to B&N purchases, sideloaded content is put up just as if it were purchased. 


The 'other reads' don't have progress statuses, just what you are currently reading. 


I know most of us have gotten used to bypassing the homescreen, that seems nearly impossible to do now, but at least things have improved there. 


And as has been said, the home screen is much less cluttered now.  So is shop actually. 

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