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NST forums?

At first, I thought it was a temporary glitch. But it seems now that B&N has removed the dedicated NST forums even though they still offer two forums (fora?) on the discontinued nook First Edition.


Why was the NST forum removed and is this NOOK Talk forum the correct and only one now for discussing general issues with the NST? And for tech issues, should NST tech issues now go to NOOK E-Ink Support?

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Re: NST forums?

They have been gradually removing the old fora.    Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the order.  The NST, NC and NT categories are already gone, the N1E the last to go.

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Re: NST forums?

CraigAz, yes, now the NookTalk forum is where NST discussions are supposed to take place.


Not sure where NST tech issues should go but I'd assume Nook e-Ink support.

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Re: NST forums?

The General support forums for each device, save the N1E were folded in to the Nook Talk forum.


The support forums were left alone, though B&N does not call the Simple Touch Support forum by that name, rather they call it the eink device support forum. 


I think I recall hearing the N1E forums were going to stay, simply because that device is rather different from the NST/G devices currently out, and will likely only become less and less like the next eink device expected in Spring of this year.



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