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Nook Books Not On Nook

My nook books show up on the computer but not on the B&N website or my nook? Help!

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Re: Nook Books Not On Nook

Hi Ellie,


I'm not sure why your books aren't showing up on the Barnes and Noble website for you but, as for your Nook, I have a suggestion for you. I hope it helps! =)


If you go into your library on your Nook, try pressing the Sync button up in the right hand corner. I only suggest this because yesterday I purchased two new Nook books and they didn't show up in my library even though I had Wi-Fi on. So, pressing the Sync button "refreshed" my library, bringing my new books "into the fold" so-to-speak.


I hope this suggestion helps you! Good luck!

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Re: Nook Books Not On Nook

Have you checked to make sure the account name and password for your PC nook app is the same as what's on on your nook device and the B&N web site?

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