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Nook Tablet becoming hot to the touch.

I was given a Nook Tablet as a gift this past Christmas 2012.  I have enjoyed it, but twice in the past two weeks, when I picked it up, it was burning hot to the touch.  I had turned the power off when I finished using it both times, and the battery had not been depleted yet it would not turn back on.  I simply had a black screen.  I plugged it back in to the charger, and it recharged and worked well for about a week then did it to the touch and won't turn on, just has a black screen.  Has anyone else had this happen?  Any clues or ideas as to what causes this?  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: Nook Tablet becoming hot to the touch.

If it was powered off and not plugged in and it was becoming hot to the touch, I would call customer service since it's still under warranty.  A replacement would most likely be a refurbished unit, nothing wrong with that though.  It would still have the remainder of your warranty left on it (or 90 days, whichever is longer).

I'm not sure if anyone in one of the stores would be able to help you but it's worth a shot if you're close to one.


*I said nothing wrong with a refurb because I received one when my N1E developed the dreaded cracked bezel.  The refurb worked great, I still have it.

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Re: Nook Tablet becoming hot to the touch.

This sounds dangerous to me.  I'd be afraid of actual fire.  I'd shut it off and return it ASAP.

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Re: Nook Tablet becoming hot to the touch.

Sounds like a shorted battery!  Return it immediately!