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Re: NookColor Cable - NEED IMPROVEMENT!

The stores do not ususally give free cords away, but calling customer service got me a free replacement cord in 5 minutes, I wonder if you should call back and tell them of your experience because they replaced mine with no fanfare and hardly any questions.

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Re: NookColor Cable - NEED IMPROVEMENT!

My connector also chipped after 1 month of normal use, and customer service gave me no hassle about shipping out a replacement. For now, both cords are still usable (I leave one plugged in to my power strip, the other plugged in to my computer), but the chipping is getting worse and worse on the old one. Most people I have heard from who went to a store either were told to contact customer service or were assisted in doing so. 

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Re: NookColor Cable - NEED IMPROVEMENT!

Let me make this perfectly clear.


BN stores are not supposed to give replacement cords. The extra cords you are getting are probably the replacement cords for demo devices, and we have been specifically instructed not to give these to customers. IF you got a replacement cord exchange from a store it was a manager override, not company policy. Do not go around to BN stores trying to get power cords. Call the support line (1-800-THE-BOOK, Option 2 for Digital Support) and they will be happy to assist.

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Re: NookColor Cable - NEED IMPROVEMENT!

I have had my NC and it's original cord since Dec. 5.  No problems at all.  Sorry to hear about your issues.  It may have just been the luck of the draw.  Who knows but, if it is still under warranty, BN is obligated to replace it.  Good luck to all!

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Re: NookColor Cable - NEED IMPROVEMENT!

I've owned a NookColor for less than 6 months.  I just ordered my fourth charger.  And, I'm very careful with it.  This is ridiculous.

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The cable is not a rope!

I'm going to alienate a few of you with my comments here, but that is not my intention.  My intention is to help users understand the problem and come up with a proper solution:


For some users to be having this much trouble with the ends of multiple cables, means to me that the cables are being abused.  The cables are not ropes and should not be bent at sharp angles (a radius of less than an inch), particularly at the ends.  If you do so, you will break the cables (which have several tiny wires inside), and may cause a short (and fire).  These cables are not like the two-wire power cables that you may have for other devices, nor are they like the typical USB cable, which carries much less current. See my comments here:


I have four cables:

  1. two for the two NCs for power (that came with the NCs);
  2. one for connecting to USB when necessary (so I don't have to crawl behind the desk to unplug the ones used for power); and
  3. one with the vehicle charger.

Obviously, I connect and disconnect the cables at the NC end with live power, despite the clear instructions in the User Manual (pg 14) to connect the cable to the NC first, and then connect the other end to power. As a result, I have to take responsibility for not following the instructions.  However, I am careful to always insert the cable gently, straight into the NC at a right angle, without rocking it from side-to-side to get it to connect.


As a result, ALL of the above cables (including one NC/cable/charger bought used at a pawn shop) are in pristine condition after months of regular use, and the chargers are barely warm to the touch when charging (when the NC is charged, the charger is stone cold).


Those who have problems inserting the cable into the NC, have a different problem than bending the cable:  Granted, the design of the connector is not as robust as it could be, nor is insertion always easy (yes, it should be).  However, most insertion problems are the result of forcing the cable into the NC, often at an angle.  Once that is done once, the damage is done (to the NC's internal connector).  In some cases, the damage to the NC's internal connector causes the NC to draw much more current than it should, and heat failure of the charger (or, in some cases, the cable as well) follows as a consequence.  In that case, replacing cables and/or chargers will not cure the problem.


Here's my recommendation if your NC, cable, or charger is overheating:


  1. Discharge your NC somewhat.
  2. Take the NC, cable, and charger to your local B&N.
  3. Have B&N try a different cable/charger, and see if the charger gets more than just a little warm.
  4. If so, have B&N replace all three.  If they are reticent, mention the NC owner that had a fire as a result of this problem (see the referenced thread above).

If you are not experiencing heat or charger problems, then just replace a cable if any part of it is broken or shows a gap between the cable and the connector.  Then, observe the above guidelines.


Yes, the connector is not as robust as it could be, but with a small amount of care in bending and insertion, the cables will last a long time.


Here's my (repeated) recommendation to B&N:  Insert into every NC retail box, a yellow "Read me first" sheet that summarizes the above.


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Re: The cable is not a rope!

You are a tool.

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Re: NookColor Cable - NEED IMPROVEMENT!

[ Edited ]

My local B&N store told me in no uncertain terms that they do not do warranty cable replacements, and they referred me to the B&N support number.  I called that number, and they told me that although my Nook Color is definitely still under warranty, and that I am definitely eligible to receive a free replacement cable, it just so happens that they're completely out of stock.  They further said that they have no provision for placing backorders for warranty replacements when they are out of stock, saying that I would need to keep calling back until they had more cables available in their warehouse.  Their final suggestion was that I could try my local B&N store to see whether they would be willing to replace the cable.  (You can't make this stuff up.)