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Re: OTA Update

Yup, I just leave it on the charger - wi-fi on, no update love yet. If I leave it off the charger, it goes dead in a couple of days even while sleeping. (When I got it a little over a year ago, it would last almost 2 weeks off the charger with light reading in the morning and at night. I guess the battery is worn out. Plus the power button isn't working very well so I avoid using it, setting the nook screen to auto sleep after 30 secs. I picked up the Toshiba Thrive 16 gig. Really like the full sized ports HDMI USB/miniUSB/HDSD , and the replaceable battery. (Battery life is nothing short of amazing 10-14 hours of solid reading, web browsing, w/ music streaming, email, etc. W/wifi, bluetooth, GPS running the whole time! When sleeping, battery drain is almost non-existant, I was surprised to see it had only lost 3% overnight - over 9 hours. Also, the nook app for android is terrific and runs great, complete w/ page turn animations and syncs perfectly with my Motorola Photon phone. So, if the nook never updates OTA, im good. :-)