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Problem with AOL e-mail login

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My e-mail has been working fine for almost a year, ever since I got my nook. A while ago, I went to the 'E-Mail' app, and it had logged out, though I had been logged in for months. I tried logging back in through the 'Easy Setup', but I keep getting an error. I'm definately entering my e-mail and password correctly, but when I tap 'Next', it says:


"Setup could not finish

Cannot connect to server. Server responded: (#3# [NO, LOGIN, failed])"


So I tried going under 'Manual Setup' next. I tried POP and IMAP and neither work. I've been leaving the POP3 server as: ""/IMAP server as "". I have no clue what the port is, so I just leave it at 110 on POP/143 on IMAP.


What am I doing wrong? As I stated before, my e-mail and password are correct. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Problem with AOL e-mail login

Someone juust posted a solution for this i.e. what settings to use. I can't find it now.


But if you check here -


One of them must have a solution.


Set it to check threads from the last 1 month.

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Re: Problem with AOL e-mail login