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Re: How do I publish my own book to the nook?

I searched Microsoft's site but did not find anything about the Reader. Please advise.

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An old thread full of obsolete information

Please start a new thread, telling us what you want to do and what (if anything) you've tried. This thread is almost two years old, and the information in it is terribly out of date.


If what you want to do is to self-publish an e-book to be sold on B&N, you want to be using PubIt!. There's also a forum board here for PubIt!.


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Re: How do I publish my own book to the nook?

If you are looking to publish just for yourself to the Nook use Calibre.


  1. Create your document in Word and save either as a Word 97-2003 format (or .doc) or as Rich Text Format (.RTF). Do one of each and see which works better for you. Do minimal formatting. I use the styles for the headings (Heading1 or Heading2) and italics pick up well.
  2. Download and install Calibre (
  3. Then click Add Books, select your file and OK.
  4. Then click Convert Book. Pick EPUB as your format in the Page Setup category. Take a look at the Look and Feel category, you may want to try different settings here till you find what you like.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Then click Move to Device and OK.
  7. Read your new book.

For publishing to others, search the forums for some good advice from others.