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Reading audio books on NC

I cannot figure out how to read an audio book on my NC. I have heard several people say it is possible. Does anyone know how?

Also, today my Kindle Fire girlfriend showed me that her Fire reads  out in audio, ordinary books, just printed books, not audio. I could scarcely believe my ears. Sounds like science fiction, but it is true. Do you suppose my NC could also do that?


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Re: Reading audio books on NC

I am pretty sure audio books are treated like music files.  You can learn how to use the music player by checking your instruction manual on your Nook or look at the online version here:        Look for the .pdf link for "user manual"


Page 119 is the start of the music app instructions. 


There are also the special books that have read to me features but I think those are mostly for kids.

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Re: Reading audio books on NC

My understanding was that earlier models of eINk Kindles had Read to Me but that Kindle Fire didn't and that the latest eInk Kindle does not.


Is your girlfriend using some special app to get Read To Me feature? Or has Amazon changed something recently?