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Re: Thanks For Nothing

Chucks! You caught me!

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Re: Thanks For Nothing

Sorry that you had such a poor experience. I must say mine has been great. I have 3 Nooks in my house and another on its way. I have used the accidental warranty on 2 of them. Plus they have shipped me new charging cables when a previous broke also included in the warranty. On my 2 nd warranty I even forgot to send it back in the correct timeframe. They still worked with me and gave me an extention so I was not charged for the new nook sent to me. Yes the call centers appear to be outsourced but I have had great experiences personally. Also in my opinion this is not an employee based forum as I am posting off my personal nook now. Good luck in the future.
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Re: Thanks For Nothing


Welcome to the forum. Glad you're excited about the NC.

Pay attention to posts, this one is almost a year since it was last replied to!

Again, welcome!