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Unable to download apps

My NC is connected to the Internet (can browse the web), but am unable to download apps.  Is BN having issues right now with app downloads?

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Re: Unable to download apps

I am having the same problem.  I can download a app, but when it's time to install it, it won't install.  I have turned the NC off and back on, nothing.  I archived and unarchived the app, nothing...!

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Re: Unable to download apps

Yes , i have same problem too. I did everything. Turn off turn on archive unarchieve, sdcard remove, deleting apps and making free my space and changed everything i know but it didnt work. I have chatted on bn site with customer support but he said he can download everything i asked about and i should connect with the developer. I dont understand this.when i buy an app it appears on home screan and when i tap to app downloading starts but its not downloading. I am livinig in Turkey. I thought maybe it doesnt let me to buy app but free apps has same problem too and also now i cant unarchieve my apps which i bought and instaleed and worker before. What could be the problem? Someone help?!!!
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Re: Unable to download apps

Power down the device by holding the power button typically solves this problem. However, if that isn't working, something might be full in your app partition or something else on the NOOK needs to be looked at. It also helps, if you have access, to try and download from a different WiFi access point.
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