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Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

My Nook Color just won't stop to impress me. I knew it can be used as a GPS unit, but I haven't taken the time to try it out, but I finally did it. Check out my YouTube handson video.

I am now seriously thinking of creating a car mount for it using Shapeways ...

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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

Well, yeah, but what if I don't have a smart phone?

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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

Not really like a GPS unit, though, is it?   More like an auxiliary display for a GPS unit, I'd say.   Yeah, the NC makes for a nice display, but it ain't no GPS.
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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

To use it so that it doesn't cost you a fortune you need to have a rooted phone or a WiFi hotspot. Most carriers charge money to use your phone as WiFi hotspot - Verizon want $20 a month for 2GB of data. Are they nuts! It's the reason why I'm seriously considering rooting my phone.

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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

I read about the TetherGPS connection to a phone too.  I agree, this is LESS than optimal. 

Here is what I am looking for.  It seems to me that it should be straight forward to develop a GPS devise using the same GPS chips used in everything else, that plugs into the USB port on the bottom of the nook.  We know that this port will allow communication to the system.  Its essentially a problem of coding the connection between the GPS hardware and the Droid applications.  This should be possible.

I would think it would also be very desirable because then all the wonder Droid apps that use GPS would function on the Nook.

Gotta be a way.


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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

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I don't do this, but others have:


Use CM7 (enables BlueTooth), and then use a GPS-receiver-to-BlueTooth transfer (there are several units that do this;  this is just one example):


Then, install one of the Android GPS mapping apps. "CoPilot" is commonly recommended.


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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

Oh, that's awesome! I could install honeycomb and completely wreck all possibility of actually reading decently on my e-reader just for the possibility of using it as a half-functioning device that is roughly half the cost of the nookcolor. Go read a book, kid.

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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

Or you could install CM7 and the Nook for Android app and not only read decently but also have access to a decent PDF reader, a good Office Suite, a good Database program, etc. etc. etc...

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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

GPS works great on the NC when using CM7, bluetooth app and CoPilot app from Amazon.


You need a bluetooth GPS receiver.  I already had a Microsoft Streets and Trips GPS unit, so I bought a Pharos bluetooth adapter, sliding the Pharos receiver into it.  Slick set up, CoPilot costs $2.99 and is a great GPS app.  Having a 7" screen is great.  I'm trying to find a dash mount for the NC, with no luck so far. I'll probably make one eventually.


All in all, not to difficult to learn how the setup works, trial and error for pairing was a pain at first, but it works fine now.  I'm sure there is some way to set it up using USB, but I couldn't find a USB GPS receiver and the apps needed for it.


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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

And why it took me a year to finally do this, I don't know....should have done it when I first got it.
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Re: Use Nook Color as a GPS unit

You could purchase a Jeep and mount it in dash like this: In Dash NC Mount.

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