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Can I still contact CS and get a replacement nook for the broken one that I have if it's warranty has been voided?

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Re: Warranty

It probably depends a lot depending on what you mean by "voided". Expired? Crushed? Drowned? What happened to your device?


It can never hurt to try, of course. Just be straightforward and polite in your dealings and you might get lucky. If not, don't take it out on other people if you voided your own warranty.

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Re: Warranty

Your chances of getting a replacement are higher if


1) You're polite.


2) You go to a store.


Though I'd recommend trying both store and CS on phone.


What did you do to void the warranty?

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Re: Warranty

The full story is here:


The OP should have called CS or taken the nook into a store before removing the back, but to be fair, the internet is full of posts recommending removing the battery (a lot of these just refer to nook, not N2E or N1E, making it confusing).  So, now the OP is stuck with a nook that was broken in the first place and a voided warranty.