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Re: We have Google Play Store, now what?

compulsivereaderTX wrote:

celandinehobbit wrote:

Jaquellae and Compulsivereader - Thanks! The app looks good and as was mentioned, is highly rated. Seems you get the full version for 30 days as a trial before basic kicks in. The features list is quite extensive, too. Will download it later and let you know how it is. 

yes, let us know! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

Downloaded the app one morning before work and uploaded a book to it to try out and explore the features of the app before I went hog wild and threw everything I had into it. The app is really quite good. The cover for the book downloaded flawlessly, it incorporates bookmarks so I can pick up where I left off, has features to control playback speed, adding a characters list (if you're so inclined), sleep timer, sensitivity controls (I suppose if you're riding along a bumpy road so the book won't skip?), boost volume (to increase volume if a audiobook is recorded quietly), and force stop (setting a timer for how long the book will continuously play). Much of this is the full version which is good for 30 days and after this it gives you the choice of buying the app for $2.00 or using the basic version of the app instead. So far, I'm really liking it and will readily buy it when my trial version expires as the full version features are quite worth it. 


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Re: We have Google Play Store, now what?

That sounds very good! I'm going to go install it now and play with it today. Thank you for the info!

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Re: We have Google Play Store, now what?

I got the Kindle app and the Audible app.  I downloaded the kindle edition of The Great Gatsby for half the price of the Nook edition and got the Audible version for an additional 99 cents so I could try out Whispersync.  I have to tell you that Whispersync is absolutely amazing, but the Nook is too big to carry around when listening to audio and having to sync via wifi is terribly inconvenient.  In my area, wifi hotspots are really hard to find.

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Re: We have Google Play Store, now what?

I also added the Kindle and the Audible apps and the Netflix app and one called Old Time Radio Player. The other apps I have on it are all from B&N.