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Re: Wishlist for version 1.5

the clockwork images are less the issue than the sd card reader and software writing them to the card, I think.  I never had issues with one desktop, do have odd results with the suse thinkstation, have slow reads and writes with the ricoh-made reader on my laptop.  


The flashable zip files can safely be put on the boot portion of the card, fwiw.

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Re: Wishlist for version 1.5

My sd card is 4gb. Gigastone (yes, i shouldn't have bought cheap brand) class 4. As i read in forums, this class has problems on this writing boot images. Steps on creating boot card is not so complicated. I tried to do it 5 or maybe 6 times. As i saw some other ppl had same problem as i had. Another theory is about card reader. I dont have a plugged card reader device to my pc. I used it with that thing similar to sd card itself. In some forums ppl advice to use card reader device.