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syncing notes between Nook PC app and Nook Touch

Hi everyone,

I found a number of (very) old threads about this so I though I might give it a go again

I'm trying to find a way to view and edit the notes I take on my nook on my pc

I sideloaded a book through the PC app and it is automatically pushed to my nook over wifi, so far so good, but the notes I created on the PC don't show up on the nook and (more importantly) vice versa


I do have an apparently uncheckable unchecked box for "show notes and highlights" in the contents tab of my nook.

appart from that, nothing...


my nook is rooted so I have access to the internal files were the nook stores notes, I can review and even change them on my pc and push them back to the nook if needed, but its under the form of a My SQL file I can only edit with notepad so I need to search for my notes among all the sql code...  all the time

it would be a bit more user friendly if that could be syncronized with the pc app.


does anyone have experience with this?




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Re: syncing notes between Nook PC app and Nook Touch

I am having the same issue with the Simple Touch. My Nook is straight out of the box (no modifications)