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Scam Proof Your Life by Sid Kirchheimer

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An Eye-Opening Guide

Book Cover Image: Title: Scam Proof Your Life, Author: Sid Kirchheimer Buy It What we love about Sid Kirchheimer's guide to wising up as consumers (and steering clear of con artists) is that it's not just a how-to, but an arresting and comprehensive look at the many ways in which the arrival of the Information Age has increased the risks for consumers -- and given us new tools for protecting ourselves. From understanding your healthcare bills to shielding yourself from the growing number of international financial scams, this book is not just a reference: it's an education!

Have you read Scam Proof Your Life? What were the most interesting revelations? Helpful tips? Share your comments, thoughts, reviews, and insights on this timely book here.


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Re: Scam Proof Your Life by Sid Kirchheimer

Consider this book for your parents and grandparents and anyone with any assets worth protecting. Considering the amount of unprotected victims of identity theft this book is a MUST READ and a MUST BUY for everyone! Printed by the AARP it has incredibly useful tips for everyone. Imagine the person in their 20's who found out that her own father had opened credit card accounts in her name? Imagine the devastation happening to you from a family member? Better than putting rubber bands around your wallet to stop them from slipping out while you're traveling. This book is loaded with great ideas and methods to protect the average consumer. A great gift in this modern age.