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Re: A Word A Day – Paranormal Fantasy Style

First off let me say I have had on awful Hades kind of day. Some of the other discussion groups I swear the contributors are demonic or possibly abductees. Then I found your discussion, CONJURTASTIC. Greek Mythology, classic literature, and current movies/shows… The most popular are about Gods, Witches, Story book Characters etc. They all have love interests, they all live their lives, the only difference is that they have soon unforeseen extra ability/gift. I think people are afraid to step out of their invisible safety box.

Hades(noun 1. Classical Mythology . a. the underworld inhabited by departed souls. b. the god ruling the underworld; Pluto c.hell)

Demonic possessionis held by many belief systems to be the controlof an individual by a malevolent supernatural being.

Abductee: A person that has allegedly been abducted by aliens multiple times.
CONJURTASTIC: A fantastic way the conjure creativity. Note: I made this one up because there are no rules just imagination!!!