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Fate (Sacrifice) on sale for .99 cents until 9/29!

Fate (Sacrifice)  











Fate (Sacrifice) will be on sale for .99 cents until 9/29/2013 on Kindle, Nook and Kobo!

One cannot escape their fate, but their path may be altered, potentially resulting in a different outcome. Some consider it divine intervention, or a miracle. Others consider it to be coincidence or happenstance. In some cases both are true, but there are always exceptions. Mere seconds can prove to be crucial components when the result of one’s fate is hanging in the balance. Often times a minute amount of influence is all it takes. Planting a seed of doubt or inspiring hope when all seems to be lost...

The life of Chasca is changed over night by two gorgeous strangers and she finds herself involved in an adventure with love, redemption, amazing abilities and timeless prophecy!




A.C. Heller's Fate is a compelling and unique paranormal romance written for adult readers; a story of a twenty-five year old nephilim woman, Chasca, an orphan with no knowledge of life before foster care or her parents. The novel is written in a first person narrative of Fate's main character providing an intense genuineness of inner thoughts and feelings surrounding new situations of fear, love, misunderstanding, and the unknown. The story begins with a prompt entrance when Chasca is kidnapped, and subsequently rescued by two strangers. Her unknown past, present, and future is written in prophecy; a prophecy which Chasca refuses to be chained to.

Once the initial kidnapping and rescue take place, which is performed by two sultry and endearing characters, the story sends you directly into conflict, internal emotions, and turmoil between the characters. Strange occurrences in Chasca's past begin making sense, while misunderstood powers take a stronghold and threaten her existence.

As Chasca learns who she is and what she is, she also learns who she can trust, who she can rely on, and who she can love. Her destiny is folded in the lines of prophecy and the outcome of her predetermined fate. No matter how hard she fights for her own choices, the outcomes follow the prophecy of "a daughter born among humans, unaware of her birth right...damned by her own blood to be a victim of her own abilities. In her life she will truly love only one, taking the dark from his soul, she will allow it to consume her."

The introduction of the Sacrifice series proves to be a short and enticing story which draws in readers from the very beginning. The future of the story seems easily decided based on the character's introductions and interactions towards each other, only to have Heller mix things up and provide an unexpected, but very substantial storyline.

Fate being Heller's first published novel provides the most common downfall of a fresh writer. Fate lacked the length of a typical novel of this genre, leaving readers with just enough to know they wanted more, but leaving it to Heller to suffice that need in Sacrifice which has been promised to follow. A very satisfying ending to Fate leaves the reader on the edge of their seat, awaiting the second part to the Sacrifice series."