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Help needed remembering

My computer burst into flames (literally) a few months ago so I lost all my collections. Which, as it turns out is not such a bad thing because I finally get to organize the books from scratch.


The down side is however that I can't remember the name of a series of books that were paranormal erotic romance that I read a long time ago. The series started with a group of girls celebrating a birthday and making a promise to each other (or was it just one of them? And what was the promise?). 


The series were made of four books at the time, now it could be more. The paranormals were of course the men in the picture and there were several kinds- a vampire for sure, some ware-s maybe.


The tutor had managed to write some crazy erotic scenes with the secondary characters and great love-infused for the main.


Please, help me remember the name of the series

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Re: Help needed remembering

Sounds like Christine Warren's "Other's" series