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Re: Paranormal romance

Nancy_N wrote:

I love Jessica Andersen's Nightkeepers.   I can't wait for the last book but will be sorry to have the series end.

I love JR Ward's BDB, and I also like Gena Showalters Lords of the Underworld series


but I love Jessica Andersen's Nightkeepers too and yes it's sad that the series is ending but I wonder what her fertile imagination will come up with next


I also love a relative newcomer to Paranormal Romance it's sort of a mix of sci-fi and fantasy


Game Over 

Mind Games 

Fair Game    

Fair Game comes out tomorrow and guess what I named the novel, pretty cool huh :smileyhappy:

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Re: Paranormal romance

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If you are looking for paranormal romance books, I can suggest you to read Keegan's Chronicles by Julia Crane. I have just started reading the first book,Coexist and so far, I am enjoying it. I love that there is chosen one for each elves and I love that Rourk (the main guy character) is very devoted to his chosen. :smileyhappy: 



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Re: Paranormal romance

"Minutes Before Sunset" is award-winning, and the second book comes out soon. 

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Re: Paranormal romance


Check it out. Becoming Violet is the tale of a young woman named Kacey Jones, and how her world changed forever. Brand New Up and Coming Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Novel. Available on Amazon now! Get a sneak peek inside, and you'll be hooked!


Check out the author's blogs here:-

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