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About this Book Club

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About this Book Club

Book Cover Image: Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Author: J.K. Rowling Buy It In this very special book club, we'll discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter-by-chapter.  Once the book is released at 12:01 AM on July 21st, this will be the perfect place to share your thoughts as you read. 

How it Works
Each thread will be devoted to a particular chapter, and we will ask participants to discuss the storyline only up to the point appropriate for each thread. 

For example, in the thread devoted to the first chapter, we will only discuss the story as far as it develops in Chapter 1.  In the thread for Chapter 9,  you may discuss any of the parts of the story up to and including that chapter -- but not beyond.

Users will not be able to create new threads in this book club, so you won't see any spoiler information from viewing the main page.

Read and Post with Caution!
We've asked everyone to be careful about where they are posting material, and we'll be monitoring to catch mistakes, but if you hope to avoid getting "spoiler" information about the story beyond where you've read -- proceed with caution!  Make sure you're not reading the Chapter 20 thread if you've only read through Chapter 2.  And bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that some spoilers won't leak through, though we will remove or edit messages that contain them as best we can.

And After You've Read the Whole Thing...
Once we've opened this board, we'll also open up some new threads in what is now the Waiting for Harry Book Club -- which will take on its new title "The Ministry of Spoilers."  In those threads, you can feel free to discuss the conclusion of the story without concern about particular chapter.  We'd advise users only to visit The Ministry of Spoilers once they've read the whole book!

That's it -- the only thread on this board that will be open between now and Saturday will be the Welcome thread. We're looking forward to sharing the excitement and the magic as we turn the pages.


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