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Re: Discuss Chapter 3

A great chapter. The author has, in interviews, seemed so disinterested in the Dursley's that I didn't expect such an ending. Literarily, Harry needed a "muggle" family that provided rationale for him leaving. Once that happened they were only needed to complete the "protective magic" and not much else. So giving them some "human-ness" was, to me, a bonus.

Dudley - a bully through and through, is much like Voldemort, extremely fearful of those he has intimidated. His dementor experience taught him: that Harry was stronger than him, probably could do significant damage if provoked, was better as an ally than an enemy, his father could actually be wrong, and Harry could be a good defense. The tea cup might have been for himself as he kept "wormtail-like" vigil close to a powerful defender; or, a gift deflected by near discovery by his parent. We'll probably never know because I doubt JKR will waste much more page space on the Dursley's.

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