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Re: Discuss Chapter 34

That is interesting, isn't it, ElectricLady? Do you think it's because Dumbledore was a favorite character of yours or because he really died? You know, it's true what you say about the lack of lingering on the deaths in the books, even the deaths of important characters. I thought this was most true in DH, but in HBP Dumbledore's actual death is not all that drawn out either, really.


ElectricLady wrote:
Thats kind of what I'm hoping for I started rereading the series when I finished DH for the 2nd time. I'm on Goblet of Fire now. I was so absolutely disappointed by this chapter. I felt like JKR wouldn't have made such a huge thing about Harry dying if it were really going to happen. So I didn't believe it and I was right Harry ended up living. I feel like if she were going to kill a loved character it would be sudden and you wouldn't expect it. Kinda like how Fred died. She wouldn't write a whole chapter about the persons death when theres 3 chapters left in the book if he were really going to kick the bucket. So I didn't feel as emotional during this chapter as I wanted to. I wanted to cry, bawl, get torn to pieces, and I got nothing. But what surprises me about this is that when I read HBP and I've read that book about 3 times I cry every single time from the end of The Lightning Struck Tower to the end. Every time.


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