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Re: Christian Fiction

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Guardian: The Beginning by Pernell Gibson


In the year 2017, an emotionally scarred 15 yr. old boy named Psalmulus Grey, stumbles across the fact that he has supernatural abilities one day when he reluctantly comes to the rescue of a young girl being harassed by two thugs in an alley way.


Soon after he finds him self mixed up in a world within our very own society consisting of angels and demons who are working 'behind the scenes' to either further the Father's kingdom, or bring forth Belial's reign on the earth. As Psalmulus soon finds out that he has been chosen by God to carry out his will, the stakes are raised when what's 'behind the scenes' spills over into the mainstream media. Now Psalmulus must choose between using his God given gifts to fulfill God's will or carryout his very own vengeful desires, as he comes across others with the same type of abilities as his.  Some are allies, and some are 'Hell' bent on accomplishing their own elaborate goals.  Many forces from the side of light as well as darkness rise to the occasion to see their goals met, as Psalmulus is forced to do battle with humans and demons alike, but most of all---himself.

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Re: Christian Fiction

Drumrebrown, I loved what you had to say about desiring such an intimate relationship with God. That is after all what Christianity is all about - relationship with God. And I think it is awesome that a fiction book helped to open your eyes to that.


I think that right there is an awesome definition of Christian fiction. Stories told that open the eyes of the reader to an inherant Christian message. (Providing that message lines up with the Bible.) Jesus himself told many stories that were meant to teach a message.


I'm an avid reader of Christian fiction and here are some of my favorites and why:


Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion Series #1) 


This whole series (there are 3 books) is awesome! The heroine is a woman who loves God, but is faced with persecution if she admits it. The first story is about her relationship with her spoiled owner and how she tries to show the girl her need for a Savior.


But it is the underlying faith journey of Hadassah herself that is the amazing part of this book. A GREAT story. As are books 2 and 3.





Second series that comes to mind is apparently not carried by Barnes and Noble anymore. It is the Heart of India Trilogy by Linda Chaikin. I really enjoyed these stories more for their setting and romance than the spiritual message. But they would definitely be classified as Christian fiction since the hero is searching for faith that he finally finds.


The Circle Trilogy 


There are actually 4 books in this Trilogy as one book is labeled "Book 0". They are fantasyesque in nature. These are great stories that show the inherant evil in our world. They will really make you think through your relationship with God and how you relate to those around you.


I also read a lot of Christian historical romance. And for those who enjoy that genre I would like to mention:


Rocky Mountain Oasis 


This is my book. The Heroine Brooke has been abused all her life by "Christian" men. So it is no wonder that she expects more of the same from her new husband. But because he is a true Christian with a relationship with God, he treats her differently. Brooke has to learn to trust him. And along with that comes her trust in a God who loves her more than she could ever imagine.


The setting of this book is an actual town in the Idaho Territory where a man was brutally murdered in 1885. Several Chinamen were accused of the crime on slim evidence and a posse of 70 or so men were brought in to investigate. I took that actual historical event and wove my fictional characters into that warp.


If you decide to give it a try, I hope you will enjoy it.

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Re: Christian Fiction

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:smileyvery-happy: Hello All,


I Love reading Christian Fiction its has away of bringing you closer to your relationship with God. I had lost my relationship with God and was very sick and started to read Amish Fiction unsure if I would even like it or if their beliefs would upset the values that I believe. I could not trust it at first comparing every verse to the King James Bible to make sure text was not out of context, I found myself falling in love with the books and my relationship with God started to grow strong again I began praying and reading the Bible, what joy I felt, I ended up buying every Wanda Brunstutter and Beverly Lewis Book every written then started reading Karen Kingsbury and Women of Faith. For those of you who like me who are unsure just give a book a try see where it leads the rewards are great reading and closer relationship to God. I just wish Barnes and Noble offered more titles. Happy Reading All......:smileytongue: