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Great Christian Books

This Present Darkness 

Piercing the Darkness  Best demon V.S. Angle book ever. It shows no matter where you are there still can be demonic influences.

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Re: Great Christian Books

Folks may like to consider reading this English christian classic which might be of particular interest to Americans, for whom capitalism has become another sort of god.     



Religion and the Rise of Capitalism 

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What Are The Keys To Destiny?

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     As the Israelites marched into the Promised Land, God had a specified order for each tribe as they moved forward.  This order reveals keys each of us needs to incorporate into our life to reach our destiny.

     Levi, which means connect, was the foundation stone of God's plan.  This tribe was placed at the center protected by all the other tribes as Israel advanced.  Similarly, our connections to God through faith in Jesus' death and resurrection need to be centrally located and protected.

     Most Christians know that Judah means praise and was out front but few know that Naphtali, which means warfare, was placed last.  With this order God identifies warfare at the rearguard as critical in reaching destiny.  The need for prayer covering while new territory is being taken cannot be emphasized enough.
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Re: What Are The Keys To Destiny?

Hi Craig, welcome to the Religion Board. We ask that you keep all promotion of your own book to the "Read My Book!" thread in the Community Room. Thanks :smileyhappy:

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Re: Great Christian Books


He Chose the Nails




I particularly love this one especially at this time of year.  Lucado adds great perspective to the symbolism within the Crucifixion.

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