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Has the lord every done anything amazing to you to show that he cares and he's listening to you?

  Well he has to me! I had just finished reading this book called "Bad connection//The secret life of Samantha Mcgregor". I was like I wished I had more books by this author which is Melody Carlson so, just to make sure I went upstairs to my room to see if I did. Well, my bookshelf has 4 rows so I looked on the 1st row didn't see a book by this author. I looked on the 2nd row I didn't see any so, I said a pray out loud I said " God please say I have another book by this author ". I looked on the third row and I didn't see any books but, then I looked on the 4th row and saw the second book of The secret life of Samantha Mcgregor.

   No one every bought this book for me. I knew since this happened God wanted me to know he's here and is listening to me. I knew he also wanted me to read this book really bad. Once I saw it I opened the book to the page before chapter 1 and there was this paragraph called"A word from the word". In this paragraph it said the bible verse Joel 2:27-29. I couldn't believe it that was the exact same bible verse I had read with my aunt the previous day for bible study!! God had really surprised me this day. Just to show me is is listening and sometimes we may not hear from him but, he is there!!

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Re: Has the lord every done anything amazing to you to show that he cares and he's listening to you?

God, has never cease to amaze me! For his word says that our way are not his ways, nor his thoughs our thoughts.he loves us more than our minds can comprehend. I remember one day in particular on my knees crying out to God to save me, I was sick in my body, tormented by spirits that entered my room (not being able to see them but feel them) and even in my dreams where I was attacked or times  my voice was taken away. Nights, I remember laying in my bed with my cross in my hand and my bible under my pillow. It was a season where I had been going through so much..... and today I can stand boldly and say God has healed and delivered me from the hands of the enemy.


Second thing, I remember being in a church service and a Pastor called us(my husband and I) up for prayer, layed hands on us and immediately we fell straight back  to the floor. When we had  been released by the holy spirit  to get up, we found out that we hit the floor and noone had caught us. What's more scary, I had several hairpins in my hair. The great thing is that we didn't feel the impact at all and otherwise we would have been seriously hurt but I know it was God that protected us and to have not felt anything when we got up! It was only God!

Kiarrea Douglas