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Dark-Hunter series read in order?

How imperative to the plot lines is it to read the Dark-Hunter Series in order? I was kind of hoping to pick and choose around but i didn't know how easy it would be to understand if i hadnt read previous ones for background and such... opinions?
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Re: Dark-Hunter series read in order?

I haven't read them all, and with the ones I have read I don't recall being lost in terms of plot. But perhaps somebody who has read more of them than I have will have a different opinion...
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Re: Dark-Hunter series read in order?

I love this series!  I've read all the books in order, but there's a few books in the series that weren't as entertaining as others.  She writes so that each book can stand on its own, so I don't really think you need to read them in order.  One book that you definitely shouldn't skip is "Acheron."  It's a long book, but it really helps you understand her central character who's in almost every book.

Acheron (Dark-Hunter Series)   

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Re: Dark-Hunter series read in order?

I started reading the books in order but after awhile I just started buying the ones I could find and read them.  I think it helps to read them in order because she brings in characters from other books. If you're a "Dark-Hunter" Fan you have to read "Archeron" It's GREAT and explains a lot.





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Re: Dark-Hunter series read in order?

I've read all the books and IMO you must read them in order to get the full effect!  You "can" read them out of order but if you do you'll find yourself saying thing like, "Oh, that's what he meant when he said that." or "No wonder he does this or hates that." 


Personally, I can't stand going thru that so I don't torture myself that way. :smileyhappy:


It's not as imperitive in the first books but definitely by the time your reach for the fifth or sixth book.  There are some serious turning points you don't want to miss. 


Have fun reading!  My readers group is just starting out on the series so I get to do a re-read along with them. I'm totally cool with revisiting those Dark-Hunters!


BTW... Julian's Story (Fantasy Lover) isn't really a DH novel but more of a preface to the DH's since he's in the ones to follow.

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Re: Dark-Hunter series read in order?

Well, I think you would be okay to read them out of order. Although, books 3 & 4 you may want to read in order because book 4 starts in the exact moment book 3 leaves off. But other than that you should be fine. I think the story is better overall if you read it in order, but jumping around a bit, if you want to, is ok.

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Re: Dark-Hunter series read in order?

I have read and adored each of the Dark-Hunter/Dream-Hunter/Were-Hunter novels, and definately looking forward to Fang and Amy's story this summer.


I am a huuuuge fan of PR series, and I always have a tendency to read them in order.  For the most part this is a series where you could pick up any book and catch on from there, but there are several instances throughout the series where information was given in one novel that pertains to another, so it can get a little confusing, especially when you start getting into the anthologies like Winter Born in Dead After Dark. 


But as the series progresses there are characters that will continue to reappear and hold more importance and bits and pieces of a larger story start falling into place.


Everyone is different in how they face a series, but this is one that once you pick up one, you will definately want to know how it all starts.


You can also get more information about this series at


Hope this helps :smileyhappy:

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