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Help, Can't remeber the name of this romance book!

I am trying to remember the name of this contemporary romance book. The most memorable part of this book and what should help determine what this book is.... the hero and both the sons in the book have a natural white streak on the sides of their dark heads.

It starts off or maybe flashes back to when the main guy and girl were first together in high school(i think), he was her first love, and first everything else, he gets her pregnant but he doesnt know it. i forget how, but he winds up getting another girl pregnant (or so he is led to believe), i think the other girl may have been more suitable by his parent's standards, and doing what he thinks is the right thing marries the other girl.

The heroine goes off and makes her own way with baby in tow. For whatever reason she winds up coming back to hometown and of course meets up with the hero. She finds that he was lied to about the other girl being pregnant, but he still stayed in the marriage and really did have a son later on. Of course they get back together, and he finds out that he had a son with the heroine when she goes back to the city and the hero sees her with him.