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Welcome from Your Moderator

Hello everyone -- welcome to our conversation about this thought-provoking and illuminating look at the life of Marie Antoinette, with the author Sena Jeter Naslund. We think of her as the symbol of 18th-century French decadence, on the eve of a world-shaking revolution. But most of us know very little about her, and this novel is a marvelous, engrossing journey into the mind of this enigmatic woman and the surreal circumstances of her life.

I'm excited to begin our discussion with the author beginning Monday, August 6 -- I look forward to "seeing" you all there.
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Re: Welcome from Your Moderator

I am very grateful that Ms. Naslund has agreed to talk with us about this wonderful book. After reading Abundance, Marie Antoinette has become less of a mystery. I am sorry that all the wrong untrue things about her are still given as fact in our history books. As the last reigning monarch in France it seems that she should have been studied more - were sources very scarce?
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