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Henry V - The Best?

Since, W.S. wasn't perfect (far from it), some of his plays are great and...others, not so much.

I would argue that HENRY V is the best (with some knowledge of HENRY IV).

However, I have not read all of the plays - yet - so I'm interested in what you all think.



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Re: Henry V - The Best?

What leads you to consider Henry V the best?


(Of the tragedies, King Lear and Hamlet are usually especially highly rated.  I don't know among the historical plays, and will refrain from commenting on the comedies.  Like you, I don't know all his plays, but each that I have encountered has had something profound or fun or ... to say to me.  For reasons of using the role of Portia for declamation, Merchant of Venice has long been a personal favorite, although in revisiting it recently it seemed less powerful.  Macbeth has appealed for much the same reasons.  However, although I have played Mistress Quickly in Merry Wives of Windsor, it is not among my favorites.  And, yes, I recognize you ask about "best", not about favorites, so apologies for the diversion.)

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