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Weekly Update

Well, Shakespeare Groupies, we're well into the third week and looking at the fourth. The darkest days of Macbeth's world will soon be upon him, so please continue reading and posting!

We've had some heated controversy for a while over interpretation of Shakespeare's plays, but it seems to be cooling off a bit now. Those of you who'd like to contribute to that discussion, it continues in the "Too Far?" thread.

But there are other topics out there to respond to, so I invite you to explore the threads on Lady Macbeth, King Duncan and Banquo. The "Witches" thread continues as well. And there's a fun Macbeth Quiz offered in the thread by that name. It's challenging! (I'm afraid I missed a couple!:smileysurprised:)

Those of you who have not yet posted, please share your thoughts! There is a great deal that remains to be said about Shakespeare (indeed, we will never have done), and we welcome a fresh outlook!
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