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I, Woz: Computer Games

Read Chapter 14 to learn more about the Apple II. The Apple II introduced the concept of graphics to computing, which allowed a games industry to be born and grow. Did you ever play games on an Apple II? Which ones? If you're still a gamer, what do you think of current games compared to the ones available with the Apple II? Do you feel a sense of nostalgia for the earliest computer games?

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Re: I, Woz: Computer Games

I gotta admit, I was smitten with computer games when I saw my uncle's Mac classic. I wish I could have afforded one back when I was a youngster. The adventure games really appealed to me. I was especially fond of one where you had to hunt down Dracula at a castle and rescue a damsel in distress. I especially remember having to find a way to kill the werewolf. I never beat it but it was loads of fun. My fam ended up with an old 8088 with two 5 1/4" floppy drives, no hard drive, and I'd play things like Sopwith Camel, Demon's Forge, Flight Sim 1.0, and others. I once in a while used it for homework. Now, I've got a Macbook, and before that I had an iBook, and before that I had various desktops, the most powerful being an Athlon XP gaming machine which is in dire need of upgrading. Looks like since Macs are catching on again, they are making a few more games for them. Just look at the new release of Call of Duty 4 on the Mac platform. There are a lot of games for Mac as can be seen by the demos on -- there are just more on Windows, which doesn't always mean quality but they do have some good ones that aren't on the Mac.
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