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When did you last buy a PC?

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I'm interested in starting a discussion about buying new PCs. I'll get the ball rolling with a few questions:

When did you last buy a new PC?
How often do you buy a new PC?
How often do you upgrade your PC?
On average, how much do you spend?

I'll let a few people share their thoughts before I do.

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Re: When did you last buy a PC?

Hi, our last but one computer was a second hand computer having a 2 GB fixed disk running at 133 Mhz! It worked perfectly but the plugs were outdated, so that I bought a small notebook with 20GB storage place - filled up surprisingly quick. Unfortunately it doesn't recognize any memory sticks anymore and can therefore be used only a a sort of a dvd player. Our last bought should hopefully help us over the next three years. It has 2 GB RAM, a graphic card enabling to play any PC games, dual core and a wide screen - which flickers already! I hope the last one is good enough to be upgraded when necessary - if I can lean how to do this.
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