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A Frustrating event in a book of your choice

Just name a death or a hardship of one of your favorite characters. I have several like when Mags, Finnick, rebels and Prim all died in the Hunger Games series. Pick a character from any of your favorite books and name there hardships or death. 


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Re: A Frustrating event in a book of your choice

Maybe next time you post something like this you should put a spoiler alert..I know many people haven't read The Hunger Games yet... :smileyhappy:



One of my biggest frustrating moments is towards the end of The Maze Runner when a death of a character seriously shocked me..

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Re: A Frustrating event in a book of your choice

My most recent frustration is from the Vampire Academy series.  A major event happens at the end of Shadow Kiss (the 3rd book) & continues to be a major thing for the remainder of the series.  For me it was just sad & I loved the first 2 book so much but the last 3 were just kind of depressing-still really love the series though

"A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read"-Mark Twain
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Re: A Frustrating event in a book of your choice

I'm sorry adm912, I guess it didn't cross my mind when I was making this thread.

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Re: A Frustrating event in a book of your choice

DITTO! The Hunger Games were going great, untill Mockingjay! Epes. the ending!
Everything was horrid I thought. I totally agree with you! Also personally I hated that she ended up with Peeta. even more that peeta was all derranged at first and depressed. Then katniss was alseep for some of the major key points in the books. Compared to the former two books in the series it was very dissapointing!  

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Re: A Frustrating event in a book of your choice



Harry Potter:

Why did Gobby and Fred have to die?! Depressing, much?


Hunger Games:

Peeta lived AND got Katniss. Bleh. I kind of hate 'em.


P.S. Why is it with what seems like every Teen/YA book, the girl can't choose between her best friend who she's known forever and a strange, "mysterious", magical vampire/angel/demon/werewolf/faerie/House Elf, that she's only known for three days? And the girl ALWAYS picks the guy she's only known for a few days. Can someone explain this to me?!

"Behold the male beast roaring in the jungle for his mate. See how the female beast giggles behind a shrub while she organizes her voice to say 'Pardon dear, did you say something?'"~Elphaba, Wicked, pg.102-103