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This is a short story add on. Enjoy!



He stared out from the corner of the ship, squinting as the faraway land came into view. Mist shrouded the trees and bushes, seeping onto the shore like a ghost from the grave. The night air sent shivers down his spine, and he tightened his grip on the cloak. Something wasn't right, it was far too quiet. Without a thought he leapt from the dock, splashing into the shallows as he slowly trudged towards the shore...

The hunter's motivation is fueled by his victims cries.
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   Dusk had already begun to settle in, drapping the quite wrap of night over the island. The bleak waters churned and sloshed at his feet, seeping through the thin fabric of his trousers and filled up his worn leather boots. 

   The moon peered over the tips of the trees, casting her orange and milky glow across the water. The dock was filled with various ships and small boats, and he made a point to stay lost within the shadows they casted, as to aviod detection from any of the islanders and other unwelcome company.

   He heard voices and drunken laughter, passing through the docks, and instantly jumped behind a near by boat.

   The voices cackled and yelped. And he realized that they were coming from the boat next to his own.

   "...A' thennn... ammostz 'troodunairy... 'e couldzz not pawwssibyy..." A man bellowed across the boat yard. His words were slurred and hard to understand.

    He cursed under his breath. Perhaps, the drunk would not notice him. But just as he was about to continue, he heard another voice.

    "Oho shut up Collin," a women's voice shouted. "You aint ever been one for stories."

    The moon was higher into the sky by now, lighting up the docks and the surrounding waters. He heard the echoing of footsteps, and saw a figure of a woman appear on the ship.

    "Agh.." he whispered. He couldn't leave the water now, not unless he wanted the woman to see him. Curse the moon...

    The woman stood at the edge of the ship, starring out into the ocean, paying hardly any attention to the drunken cries of the other man.

    "Aww missusssss...." the drunken man lumbered across the deck towards the woman. "Please... letus gettah goood look at ch'ya.. ?" he drawled. He bounded towards her. His arms, which resembled that of an ape's, outstreched. " 'cum 'eres...choo.."

    "Ahha!" the woman quickly lept out of his way. "No, Collin!" she barked. "I aint gonna deal with you tonight, yeh? I aint gonna. Now lemme be."    


"We could do pizza."