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Add On (Anyone up to it?)

Ok, right now i'm really bored and I used to see these add-on messages and they were really fun, so I guess I wanted to try it. Anyone can add-on to it, make new characters, whatever you want. Let's try to make this an interesting story. I'll start..... (oh, and no laughing at anyone's part of the story. Anything goes)



♫There were three old gypsies came to our hall door
They came brave and boldly-o
One sang high and the other sang low
And the Lady sang the raggle taggle gypsy-o
It was upstairs and downstairs the lady went
Put on her suit of leather-o
T’was a cry all around the door
She was looking for the raggle taggle gypsy-o ♫
(Celtic Thunder)
"Huh? What?" Jessica spin my head around to the direction where her best friend, Vivien, is trying to get her attention.
"Were you spacing off again?"
"Truth, I was listening to Celtic Thunder right now and you interrupted me. Thats not spacing off." She raised up her blue iPod to her face so she could see the lit up screen "See?"
"ok, fine but we really need to get this project done right now or otherwise Mr. Mitchell is going to fail us."
Vivien turns her eyes back to the computer screen in the Public Library where we were currently working on out Immigration Project that was due tomorrow.
"But I already finished mine on my Belgium heritage"
Viv looks at Jess sideways while keeping her face pointed at the screen.
"So why did you come here?"
"Duh, you know why. I love the library. I go whenever I get the chance."
"Then when I asked you this morning if you wanted to go to the library with me so we can finish our projects, why did you say yes when it was done?"
"Same answer from before, and I thought I could help you."
"But your not."
"Not right now, but I am"
Vivien sighs, then goes back to her work while Jessica take out the ear buds and connect her iPod to the computer before it dies out, then walk over to the Teen section to see what kind of books they had in for today. East....Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge....Northern Lights.....Blackthornes Winter.....Jinx...The Hunt for the Seventh....No, I already read all of these. There’s nothing new here, and that’s sad. Jessica keep on checking the rest of the section when Vivien gets up from the chair and heads over to the printer which was currently spitting out her project in a pile for her to pick up.
"Your done?"
"Oh, sorry I wasn't that much of help."
Vivien rolled her eyes and smiled at her.
"That’s ok, didn't think you would." She said, laughing. Jessica make a face and swat her arm.
"Hey! I would've."
"Suurrreee. Ready to go?"
"Yea, one sec." Jess quickly go back to one of the bookshelves and pick out Jinx only because she hated leaving the library when she couldn't find anything to read. Her friends say that this is a problem because she already read everything in the place, which she strongly say no. We grab our backpacks and Jessica headed out to the checkout stand while Vivien went ahead to go outside and wait. Catching up with her, in the front we see a group of guys in a circle just hanging around and laughing at something funny. Immediately Jess look at each one, seeing which one was cute and which one wasn't, but just to make sure she didn't let them know she was staring at them like an idiot, she smoothly walked out to the parking lot a little bit slower than her regular speed and look out the corner of my eye so she can still see them. Viv looks at her and shakes her head. "Jess, I don't think those guys were your type."
Jess sighed, knowing that what she said was the truth. She have always been trying to find one guy that she would like and at least get the courage to ask out, but knowing her, that will only happen in her dreams since she is a very shy girl and Viv knew this.

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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

They get to their car and Viv jumps into the divers set. Jess hops in and closes the door.

"Do you add least think those boys were a little cute?" Jess asked, looking at the mirror and trying to get another look at the boys walking away.

"Yeah, I guess they are a little cute, but Jess they seem like trouble and when there is trouble I try to stay out of it."

"Fine, whatever, just drive."

Viv drives out of the parking lot and down route 20. They sit in silence the rest of the way home. Viv stops at Jess house and Jess get's out of the car.

"See ya later, I have to still finish my science worksheet that's due tomorrow."

"I thought Mr.Dover gave that to us last week,"

"Hey. No one is as smart as you."

Jess sighs and walks to her door step. She turns around to see Viv driving away in her black bug. She walks into the house and up the stairs. She can hear her father down stairs watching another baseball game and hear her sister Liz talking to her friend Wendy in her room.

Liz and Jess never really had a great relationship and ever since their mom died it's been ten times worse. Jess is still wondering how their dad can't get the nerve to send them to a foster home. When their mom died their father didn't seem like he cared really and that was really hard for them.

Jess walked into her room and looked at it for a second. The room looked different then most girls rooms. It was colored in silver, black, and red all over the walls, but you couldn't really seem most of the walls cause it was covered in all tips of posters. 

Jess walks over to her window and closes her black shades. She puts in hr ear plugs and turns the volume all the way up to high. Jess sighs and lays down on her bed.

"Why can't my life be a little normal, like most girls?"

"Shut up! Wendy and I are trying to do something fun, freak!"

Jess rolls her eyes and falls to sleep listening to her favorite band.

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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)


   Half asleep, Jess flumbles with her bed sheets to find her cell phone, which was lost among the old blankets twisted around her. The phone was close to 2 million years old, the backlight was basically dead, and it had several large cracks on the front screen.  

   "It's a merical that thing still works," Viv would always comment whenever Jess used it. They had bets on how long it would last. Vivien was currently betting $10 it wouldn't last until the end of the month. Jess said $20 it wouldn't last til the weekend.

    The glow of the screen flashs irritatingly as Jess flips it open.

    2 New Txt Msg. Open Now? Annoyed, Jess clicks "Ok." 
    The clock light on the wall reads 4:23am.

    The first text is from her cousin Allison who lives somewhere by the West Coast.

     Heyy cuz! U should totly cum ovr this summer. Ive got my own apartmnt now and the view is amaazin! "view" meanin my nxt dor neighbor :smileywink: jkk! hows ppl?I miss u guys so friggn much. ttyl ~Alz    

     Jess risked a smile. Alli used to live down the street, but after graduating High School, she left to the other side of the country.

    "It isn't you Jess," she said the summer before she moved. "I just need to get out. You know what I mean? Pfft. Of course you do. So you don't blaim me then? Good. I know you understand what everything's like here for me, and well, for you too I suppose. It's like being held prisioner in a giant cage thing, and God, theres no way out is there? It's like being compressed into a tiny speck, and everything about you is totally lost for good. No way to get it back once its gone. I don't want to loose myself here, Jess. And if I stay around here much longer, I know it will happen. It isn't something I can stop by not doing anything. It will just happen, unless you are strong enough to prevent it. So this is my plan, finish school, then get out of here. Fast. I still love you all! And I'm gonna promise to call every single day. Every hour, if you want! Leaving doesn't mean I don't want you guys. It isn't you. It's me. I swear. And shoot, Jessy, doesn't this sound like a bad break up scene like in movies? You don't have to answer that. Its true. I don't want to lose you- any of you- but I just don't want to loose myself in the process."

   "So moving away is going to fix everything?" Jess had asked.

   "I hope so. And if it doesn't work out, well, I'm gonna deal with that when it gets there. Haha. Isn't that the attitude? I'm gonna miss you, Jess."

    Reply? Jess clicks "Ok".

    Hey Alli! Evry1 is fine. Liz is turnin into the p.o. teenager, &dads stil the same. Lol, this summr? sounds good w/ me.Lmao. Does the neighbor hav a brothr?(; miss ya <3.  ~Jessssss  [oh and wayy2 wake me up @ 4am.. :smileytongue: lol jk!]    

     Send? Yes.

    Inbox (1) Open New Txt Msg? Sighing out of annoyance, Jess once again cliks "Ok."

    Unknown Number.

    Hey, this is John (Bio class). Movies this weekend? Viv told me u mite be interested in going.





[[ok. so i spent like an hour and a half writing that, and lost track of where i was going with it. u dont have to use it if it doesnt make much]]


"We could do pizza."
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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

Jess springs to her feet out of the bed and looks right at the phone. A boy texted me! A boy texted me! She was thinking when she was jumping up and down. She lost her footing and fell on the ground almost loseing her phone and making it break on the floor.

"Wowww, what the hell was that?! I am trying to get my beauty sleep here Jess, so shut up over there! Sheesh!" screamed Liz from the other room sounding drunk under her piilow. Jess rolls her eyes again and stands up.

She turned side to side and cracking her back. She streched and feel backwards on her bed. She looked up at the phone and giggled. I can't believe a guy texted me. What should I do? Should I call him or text him back? Wait when was this sent? Jess looked down at the bottom and saw it was sent only 3 minutes ago. Who would send someone a text at four o'clock in the morning? O, wait I would! She laughs and starts texting back to John.

Sur I'll go. Wht tim?

Three minutes later a new texts returns and Jess clicks "Ok".


Jess giggles again and texts back sure and closes her phone. She starts thinking how great this will be and how awesome it will finally be to go out on a date. She turns back on her phone and calls Viv.

"Hey! O my gosh! I love you, girl! You rock!"

"Wha? Huh? What?" Viv whispered into the phone. Jess forgot it was only four in the morning and probably shouldn't have talked to Viv until school.

"You told John to have a date with me! You rock!"

"Do you know what time it is? Sheesh! Can a girl get some sleep around here without hearing a **bleep**en ring sound in her ear. God!"

"Haha, sorry. I'll talk to you at school, I guess."

"Yeah, whatever.Just don't you ever call this early again. Got it?"

"Yep!" Viv hangs up.


When Viv drives into the drive way and see's Jess walking from her door, she hooks her car and waves her hand over. Jess hops in and smiles.

"So, why did you call me this morning, anyway?" asks Viv

"O, I just wanted to thank you for tell John from biology class about me."

"Who's John? I don't even think there is a kid named John in our biology class."

"But he texted me last night. Look!"

Jess goes into her bag but doesn't seem to find her phone. She sighs and starts to get out of the car.

"What are you doing? We need to go." Viv asked looking confused and kinda pissed.

"I just need to get my cell. I left it in my room."

"Forget about your stupid phone. Get in the car. We need to get to school or I will get a detention, again, and then my mom will freak out on me and you know what happens when she goes all crazy."

"Fine. Let's go." Jess sighs and gets back into teh call and they drive away.



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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

The ride to school was a silent one, and that rarely happens. Even in the mornings we would be talking about random stuff all the time, but for some reason Viv seemed to have her mind on other things, and Jess bets that it's not just about detention....something she wouldn't tell her.

Why won't Vivien say anything? We've been friends since 2nd grade and she never keeps a secret from me. Something must be bugging her. After a while, Jess got tired of the silence and tried again with the talking. "So, anything new......anything that you haven't told me about?" Jess looks at Viv with innocent eyes. Vivien quickly takes a look at Jess and then turns her eyes back to the road. "Jess, what are you talking about? Nothing new has come up since yesterday. It's all the same."

"Well, I didn't know. You just.......don't seem yourself today..." Viv barks out a laugh and gives a tight smile.

"Jess, trust me. Nothing is wrong, everything is just fine." Before Jess could press on some more questions, Viv turned up to the high school and found a parking spot near the band room. Jess always made her park there because she said that it was easier for her to get to the car after band class in 6th period. Once they parked, Viv quickly got out of te car and started to head out to D building, where our friends Scott, Colton and Laura would be. I hurried to catch up to her and still the silence continued. They opened the glass doors to the building and immeadiatly saw their friends. Colton and Scott seemed like they were trying to figure out who would finish drinking a 2 liter of Sprite the fastest, while Laura was watching them with her boyfriend, Troy.

"Lauri!!!" Jess yells, waving her hand at Laura. Laura snaps her head around from my voice and gives me a cold glare.

"Jess, I told you to stop calling me that."

"I know," Jess said, smiling, "but I can't help it. It's so funny when you get mad." Troy shakes his head while Laura tries to hit Jess on top of her head with her flute case. Jess doged it while laughing at Laura. Vivien came up and said hello to Laura, and then went over to see how Colton and Scott were doing. Laur gave me a puzzling look. "Hey Jess....does Viv seem off to you?"

"You noticed that too?"


"Well then, welcome to the club. I have no idea whats up with her. She won't talk." Just then, a huge burp came errupting from near and they all looked around to see Colton smile in triumph.

"I win." Colton said to Scott, who was shaking his head.

"I would've won but I just didn't want to drink that much." Scott's weak reply was rewarded by Colton making fun of him. We all smiled and then the bell rang for first period. Laura came with Jess to go to History while the others either went to Sci-Fi or P.E

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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

"Do you think she is hiding something?" Laura asked when they were walking to History.

"Who?" Jess whispered back.

"Viv. Who else?"

"O, well, um. I don't know. She wouldn't tell me when we were in the car."

"Well if she is hiding something I would like to know and now."

"Same here."

Laura and Jess walked into History right before Mr.Fray almost closed the door on them.

"Ladies." Mr.Fray said opening the door again.

"Hello, Mr. Fray. Very nice morning we are having isn't it." Laura said when she was sliding into her chair. Mr.Fray looked out the window and suddenly thunder erupted into the room and one girl screamed. It took long for Jess to know that was here that screamed.

"I wouldn't say nice, but um... a different day would be better." Mr. Fray said giving Laura a confused look.

Mr.Fray walked over to his desk and Jess took her set next to Laura.

"O, I almost forgot to tell you about the text I got last night from John."

"Who? I don't even think I know a John, well besides my Uncle John that is in prision. Wait! You got a text from my uncle?"

"No," Jess said and shaking her head. "I got it from a guy that is in my biology class."

"There is a John in our class?"

And just we Laura said that a boy walked throw the door and towards Mr.Fary desk. He was gorgues. He wasn't like Laura boyfriend, Troy, no he was the more beautiful thing Jess has ever seen in her whole life. He has dirty blond hair and his eyes were so dark they looked black. He walked away from Mr.Fray desk after Mr.Fray pointed were he should sit. He come towards Jess set and sat down next to her. Her hands were sweating and she has a thougth to get up and run out of the clas room, screaming.

"Hey," he said smiling at Jess. "I can't wait for our date tomorrow night." He winked at her and turned back to the front of the class.

"Lauri! Lauri!"

"Hey! I thought I told you not to call me that sheesh! And be quiet Mr.Fray is about to say something."

"But, I need to tell you something."

The one of the kids behind Jess told her to shut up and she slowly sank into her set.


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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

During History, Jess kept on stealing glances at John, and saw that once he was looking at her and winked again. Jess blushed madly and turned her head towards the front of the class. The bell rang and Jess almost ran outside, dragging Laura behind her in the rain. Today, since it was Thursday, everyone had a 30 minutes study hall before going to their 2nd period class so Jess and Laura went straight to the library so Jess could tell Laura what was going on. She told Laur about how she was texting her cousin when John's text came up, saying that he was from her bio class and wanted to take her out, so she said yes and then how she told Vivien and she didn't know what the heck she was talking about. Laura kept on listening till the end, her face showing no expression. When Jess was done, she looked at Laura to see what she thought about it.

"Ok, first off, we don't even know this guy yet you told him yes that you would go out with him.

"umm...well, kinda.."

"And so far none of your friends know/seen him at all."




"This isn't good. What's if he's lkike some serial killer or rapist or something?"

"Laur, I don't think he is."

"BUT we don't know him."


"I don't like it."

Jess had a flicker of anger there for a second after that remark. "Laura, I'm 17, and you're not my mom. Please trust me on this. If anything happens, you'll be the first to know." Laura didn't answer and Jess didn't press her into saying anything, so they each got a computer and looked on some random sites until the study hall was over.

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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

Jess and Laura didn't really talk for the rest of school and when the last bell rang, Jess ran out of band class and jumped into Viv car without looking back. At the corner of Jess eye she could see John leaning against his car, starring at her and smiling. She turns her head towards him and smiles back. He waves his hand over and Jess gets out of the car and starts walking over to him. All of a sudden Laura is infront of Jess and pushing her back.

"Are you nuts? You are so not talking to him."

"I am sorry mom, but that is the guy I'm going out with tomorrow night and I would like to talk to him, so move. Like now!"

"You know what?! Viv get over here!" Laura yells back at Viv that was talking to some guys.

Viv turns her and looks at Jess for a couple and seconds and shakes her head. She starts walking over to Laura and Jess with her hands crossed over and with her head down.

"What is it?" Viv said looking side to side.

"Jess is going to talk to the new kid, John, over there. We need to stop her."

"O, that's the new kid." Viv said picking up her head and looking up and down John. John turned around and jumped into his car. The engine roared and the car took off down the road.

"Ugh! See you have done?! Now he is gone and I can't talk to him. Thanx a lot." Jess said and turned around, walking back to the car.


On the way home Viv and Jess didn't say much, again and Jess was starting to get worried.

"Is anything wrong?" Jess asked look start forward.

"No. Gosh! I thought we already went over this. There is nothing wrong with me, Jess. I eman serious your starting to sound like my mother and that's a really really bad thing. Got it?"

"Fine, whatever. Anyway what do you think of John?"

"The bigger question is what do "you" think of John? I mean I saw the way you were looking at him and may I say mighty fine boy." Viv said and laughed.

"Welll, he is okay--"

"Ha! He is more than okay. He is hot. Yes, I said it. H-o-t! Hot."

Jess rolls her eyes and the car stops at her drive way. She gets out and waves good-bye toViv, seeing her drive back down the road. Jess walks over to her door steps and see's a piece of paper stick to her door with a piece of tap it looks. Jes walks over and rips it off. On the back it says.

Can't wait for tomorrow, J.

Jess looks side to side and walks throw her door and into the living room. Okay, maybe Laura is right, maybe John is bad. I mean who would send a letter to someone and how does he know my address. Maybe it isn't John, maybe it's just a weirdp that wants to scary me or maybe not.

Jess sighs and lays down on the coach behind her. She slowly drifts off to sleep.




[You don't have to use this one if you don't wanna.]

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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

This is good :smileyhappy: plz keep writing 

Live. Laugh. Love. 3
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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

lol Thanx =P I kinda need some else to add-on before I do haha I don't really like taking over the story.

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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

hey i'll add on as soon as i'm done scheduling my classes if its ok... i really like this add on.  

" Its a quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now i said i wouldnt come but i lost all control and i need you now and i dont know how i can do without i just need you now"
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Re: Add On (Anyone up to it?)

[I guess I will add on =P I mean it has be a couple of days and I do have a couple of deas anywya haha If that's okay with you guys.]


Jess wakes up breathing very hard and sweating all over the place. She looks at the clock and see's it's seven o'clock. She looks around the house and notices that it's completely dark and it doesn't seem like anyone is home. She goes over to the window and looks out. No cars are in the drive way and it doesn't seem like they are in the garage either.

She wonders where everyone, but just sighs and lays back down. She quickly gets up and notices its all sweaty and sticky. She gets up and goes to the bathroom. She looks at herself in the mirror and tries to remember what she dreamed about and then all of a sudden it hits her.

 It was dark in her dream and she was flying with the moon shining her way throw the sky, but it wasn't like she was safe.

For some reason it felt like something was about to happen and it was going to be very bad. She looks up to see the beautiful moon light look down her, but instead there is a crow blocking her way from the moons light and it drops down her and drags her into darkness.


She is breathing quickly again and tries to calm herself down. She takes off her clothes and jumps into the shower. The hot water makes her more calm and her breath slows. She wonders why she had a dream like that and what it would mean. The is a knock at the door and Jess jumps. She turns off the shower and puts on her pj's and heads towards the door. She opens up to see Viv there holding a movie and a pack of popcorn.

"Hey, buddy. I was kinda bored and was wondering if we could watch a movie. I tried to call you but you wouldn't answer. I called ten times, girl! Ten times!."

"Okay, okay. Get in." Jess stepped aside and aloud Viv in.

"Haha, nice pj's." Viv laughed.

"Whatever. Just cook the popcorn. I'm going to go change."

Jess heads back up stairs and goes to her room. When she comes back the popcorn has already been cooked and Viv is poping the DVD into the television.

"So, what are we watching?" Jess said sitting on a coach across from Viv.

"Sleepy Hollow." Viv said and gave Jess a smirk.

"You know me and horror movies."

"It's not even that bad. It's kinda chessy to me." Viv said

The watching the movie and Jess screams when they see the dead bodies come out of the tree. She stands up and goes over to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

She turns around to see Viv looking at the television in complete shock like this is her first time ever seeing it. Jess was never the type to like horror movies and when ever she saw one she always had the worst nightmares. When she was little her mother use to never let her father show any scary movies to her and she is still glad she never did at that age.

When the movie ended, Viv slept over and they both went to bed.