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Anyone that can relate?

Do your parents/family members/friends/whatever get mad or argue with you because you read too much???


I find that totally aggravating, its okay for me to watch tv 3 hours but if I'm reading for 3 hours I'm wasting my time?!?!



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Re: Anyone that can relate?

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Sometimes, when I was younger a kid in my class was annoyed that I read so much. So he made fun of me. My teacher last year gave me a bad citizenship grade because I read to much in his science class. My sisters ask me why I read so much and answer ' Because I get enjoyment out of it.' I guess why people make fun of us because now a days the book you are reading has a movie version and their logic tells them 'Why read the book when there is movie out about it?' or if it is on tape 'Why waste my time reading it when I can just listen to it and give any effort?' So people have slowly but surely have began to turn towards new types of media instead of reading books. It is sad really books have some much knowledge in them but since it is a book teens prefer not to read it believing that all books are boring and a waste of time. When you go to the movies and see lets say Harry Potter you won't retain as much of it as you would if you read the book.

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Re: Anyone that can relate?

parents always complain first its to much tv then to much reading they are never satisfied. WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM US? hahaha

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Re: Anyone that can relate?

Yeah it happens to me a lot too! Also my mama use to get on to me for "going out too much" Now I just stay at home bc Im so busy with school and my reading, so now she bothers me about "never getting out of the house" ! URGH!

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Re: Anyone that can relate?

I actually had that kind of problem before, but not until recently, like 4 years ago. Before that, my parents loved that i read so much because they thought it would make me super smart and creative. But now I read for a few hours and they say "Go outside! The sun is out and it's beautiful."

1) It would be like 90 degrees outside

2) I would be working on homework/projects

3) I rather read


I'm just lucky that I'm going to be 18 here pretty quick, so now that I can read how ever long I want.

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Re: Anyone that can relate?

No matter what we do the adults hate it. And they tell us we complain too much! I read all the time and it is never a good time! All though after a while they will just accept it.

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Re: Anyone that can relate?

You know, actually I didn't get it as much from my parents as I did my friends and teachers in school. My parents (especially my mom whose also a bookworm) really supported me reading and even today are usually giving me books or B&N gift cards on special holidays.

My friends on the other hand have always been really critical on me for reading. They tend to joke about it a lot, all in good fun and I am never really offended but it is a laughing matter at times. 

In school was the worst! I was always getting told to put the book away or sometimes getting it taken away from me if I didn't listen. I think teachers were my biggest problem with that but sometimes you just got to finish one more chapter :smileytongue:

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