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Awakened - House of Night Series - Your thoughts?

Was anyone else completely disappointed in the newest House of Night book? The first 150 pages was utterly dull. The way the characters talk is getting ridiculous. Nobody talks like that. And when I read a book I want to be able to escape to a fantasy world that is make believe, but it is really hard to do that when the characters are just so.....normal. Zoey is a whiny brat. She is useless and helpless. The only part of the book I enjoyed was Stevie Rae and Rephaim ending up together. I used to love this series, but it has been dragged out too long. Its so irritating that Neferet continues to get away with everything and there is no real conclusion to any book. Hoping that Destined will be the final book!

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Re: Awakened - House of Night Series - Your thoughts?

I completely agree with everything you just said.

About a year ago, I was enthralled with HoN. By the time i finished Hunted, however...i was dissapointed. The plot is repetitive, the characters are unreal (and not in the good way), the prose is dull, the writing...well, something's definitely off. This series should have ended long ago. I loved books one through four, but after that, I was done. Lost interest. I couldn't force myself to finish Tempted, i simply couldn't get into it. In most cases, i know the characters so much more by the end of the series. at the end of this series, however, Zoe had entire slipped away from me. the exact opposite of what i normally feel when i read, i felt. this is the first time i've ever been truly dissapointed by a book.


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Re: Awakened - House of Night Series - Your thoughts?

 I really think that it just depends, I mean everyone had different opinions, likes and dislikes, different tastes in books. I just read the book Awakened and thought it was pretty good!! And yes the chracters are what you call...normal...but I think sometimes that's a good thing because it helps you relate more to them (although this isn't always the case) I would have to agree that at times Zoey is a little bit annoying, but I think in this book she has grown up a little bit more and matured from the previous books. Or so to say she has "Put her big girl panties on =)" You also have to put into consideration what the chracters are going though and how you would act, !!!!!Spoilers!!!!!!   not every day do have have to worry about Neferet (she's so evil), my soul being shattered, the death of a friend, a mom and sooo much more!! I would have to agree with on Neferet she keeps getting away with more and more evil things! But I think that that happens in real life to, evil people keep getting away will evil things and it takes a while to stop them!! I was happy to see Stevie Rae and Rephaim together!! So cute!!


And I'm pretty (not for sure) sure that there will be thirteen books, and Destined is only the eighth.....

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Re: Awakened - House of Night Series - Your thoughts?

Its starting to feel a little forcercd.  Like a good idea that can't move past the concept that Neferet is evil.  We get it move on. 

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Re: Awakened - House of Night Series - Your thoughts?

I agree with what the majority of you are saying - I read the first four books, but I had to put them down after that. The characters are very one dimensional, the rhetoric is nothing spectacular, and the recap in the first few chapters of every book following the first is so redundant! A few of my friends are fans of the series, but I could never really connect with Zoey or any of the others. I think it would have been better if some of the books were combined because that way the readers get more action and instead of thirteen books in the series, Cast probably would have about seven.

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