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Books VS. Movies

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Hi! This is my first post, yay :smileyvery-happy: :smileyhappy: Anyways,

I was wondering whether you guys thought, in general, books or movies are better? Are there some specific books that are better than the movies, or vice versa? Why?


I myself think that books tend to be better than their movie, because of the detail of the writing. For example, a major part of Twilight is Bella's internal monologue, and although the movie is awesome, it's harder to figure out what she's thinking.

And of course, the casting is a major part. Again, for Twilight, I think that Edward sounds cuter than Jacob in the book, but in the movies...

The Lightening Thief was good in both, but again, there's Rick Riordan's style of writing that helps make the book.

Ella Enchanted makes for both too, but the book and movies are so different. Only the main idea and parts of the storyline are the same.

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Re: Books VS. Movies

I'd have to agree with you, books seem almost always better than movies, because you can get more intimate with the characters, and get to know them like yall are long lost friends!!!  But hey it never hurts to try and make it a great movie, if only they could encompass internal dialogue too!?!?!?!

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Re: Books VS. Movies

Well, both of you kinda said it all haha but who cares I'll just repeat it in my own words. xD To me books are always better then movies (not saying movies suck or anything cause they don't, i love movies) like always =P Cause you can picture what the characters really look like and picture the places they go. It's funny learning peoples backgrounds and you can't really learn that in movies most of the time, well maybe a little piece of their background like if their parents are broking up or where they lived but that's really it. In books you learn almost or really all of the information on that character/characters. I mean when you watch a movie all your really doing is sitting there with your mouth hanging out, and shoving popcorn in your face, but when you read your not losing brain cells, your having fun lol

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Re: Books VS. Movies

The only movie that is better than the book it was based on is Stardust!!! =] That movie is one of my favorites. Not that the book is bad, it is just not as good.

Other than that, books are definitely better than movies. =] Though I do like watching the book-based movies because of one thing... hot guys. ;D Yep, I am referring to Taylor Lautner. HOT!!!! =D Of course there are others. LOL

I thought Ella Enchanted the book was better than the movie. However, I'm biased because I read the book first.

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Re: Books VS. Movies

books really do end up being better than movies. in movies, details are left out and it doesnt always portray the story the way you imagined it.. if you know what i mean. It especially annoys me when they change the ending to a story (like with My Sister's Keeper)

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Re: Books VS. Movies

Books are better. I like to know what they're thinking not just what's happening. In movies, you mostly get to see what's happening. I like to know what's going on behind the face lol

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Re: Books VS. Movies

Man that is a toughie. I think both have their own pro's and con's.


Books, you can imagine and feel a better connection with the characters. You imagine them how you want to, and create the scenes in your head. Yet sometimes with harder books, like Shakespeare, they can be rough to get through, all that crazy language.


Movies - you can see everything, all the scenes, and sometimes your favorite actors. At the same time though, acting can ruin them, or the actors themselves. Sometimes the script changes and doesn't follow the book too.


Me, personally, I always read the book before watching the movie, I know what I am expecting then. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Books VS. Movies

Hmm this whole books vs movies thing has been around for a while. Can't really see why people can't like both. I mean how I think is, they're two different things. Like them as two different things or hate them as two different things. But never try to compare them for they always will be different. No movie can stick EXACTLY to the book. It's pretty much impossibly because you can't hear characters thoughts or such.


So to me it's judge as two different things and not as one. lol

Check it out :smileywink: