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comes out in like two more days (right?) oooooh I CAN'T WAIT!!

who else is excited?:smileyvery-happy:

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[ Edited ]

I AM!!!!

It comes out tuesday!!!!! I cant wait! Tuesday seems so far away!

I want to no wat happens w Jace nd Clary!!!!!


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YAY! This should be GGGGREAT!!!!
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Hey guys been a while, jus bin reli busy, nice to see everyone again n the new users, ok so read it today and its prob my fav of all three!!!, im just relived the mysterys over,





we all knew jace was somehow connected to an angel and was related to the inquisitor and suspected he was her son, close enough as he was her grandson, so glad they arnt brother and sis!!!!! they are so meant for each other, like, i felt sorry for simon but i think hes got enough girl probs to keep him preocupied lol, and clarys mother  and luke got together the ending was almost perfet it was sad that some people had to die, but thats what i love about this series, its more realistic than other vamp/ wolves/ faeires series, some good guys die, and i think it makes the plot more realistic but if anyhig was a shocker it was poor max dying like he was so adorbale i felt reli sad and despiised her brother for it, they never actualy found his body did they tho which sounds abit fishy, and alex accepted magnus what a relief, oh and did i mention, clary and jace are like the best couple ever, i wasnt sure at first but in the end they tottaly deserved to be with each other, like in other boks, theres romance like on every page its not like that in this series youll get it every so often after some pages but when it does appear, its much more intense becuase i think cassandra did a wounderful job on this series and i fell in love with it after the first bok, ive feell out of many great series over time bt this one has remained and is a must read!!!!

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Spoiler alert!!



Wow. I just finished City of Glass. And may I say it was amazing, better than the first two. I knew Jace was part angel (and that he wasn't Clary's brother) and I figured out what the Mortal Glass was on page 49. I also could tell Sebastian was her brother pretty early on, but I still enjoyed this book IMMENSELY!!!!!!!! Best book of the year so far. I'm sooo glad Clary and Jace can be together! The climax was so intense, I was crying so hard, especially when Jace died. How Clary brought him back was so.... beautiful. But parts of the epilogue were ominous. Where's Sebastian's body?! He's dead, darn it, what does his body not being found mean? And what was the Seelie Queen hinting at? And what consequences will the Mark of Cain have for Simon? Besides those things I'm totally satisfied. But Clare HAS TO WRITE ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT CLARY AND JACE! I'm in love with Jace, so maybe I'm a little biased. I'd love to know what other people thought about this book. Let's get a big discussion going! Also, I wrote a review of City of Glass here on Barnes and Noble, if anyone's interested.  

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