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Envision what you are reading!

A better way to get a better experience out of a book is see your self as the character and act out what's going on in your head while you are reading. This allows a full experience of what you are reading. So what is your favorite character and how do u envision your self as them and how is the experience for you?

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Re: Envision what you are reading!

Wow I envision myself as the main chracter all the time!! I can't really pick a specific chracter, but most of the time I like almost all of them with a few exceptions. I think it's best to put yourself in the character's shoes because it helps you to better imagine the suituation that they are in and you really almost feel like your a different person while reading the book. Some of my favorite characters were Katniss from the Hunger Games, Rose from Vampire Academy, Max from Maximum Ride, Kaitlyn from Dark Visions, Laurel from Wings, Thomas from the Maze Runner and a lot more.  My least favorite chracter of all time is Kristina/Bree from Crank but somehow I still ended up liking the book.

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Re: Envision what you are reading!

i do that all the time...whatever viewpoints its in, i imiagine myself as that character

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Re: Envision what you are reading!

One of my favorite things about reading is being able to experience things you never would otherwise and taking the time to the let the words penetrate and sink in is key in doing that, so I always envision myself in the book I'm reading and some of the most amazing things I've done in my books would be to have been able to visit places all over the world, fly, be a mermaid, go to a school of magic, fight supernatural beings, experience love and loss so great it's hard to believe and I even got to see life from the perspective of a cockroach once(Shoebag)!  I loved being able to do so many things, go so many places and get to know so many imaginary friends who were so real thanks to gifted authors and their magical organization of words.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: Envision what you are reading!

I love to put myself in a characters shoes while I'm reading it is better than watching TV if you ask me! There are too many characters to name when it comes to people I've imagined myself as. Mostly strong female characters like Ash from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely and Yelena from Maria V. Snyder's Poison Study Series.