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Favorite Books

I'm curious as to why people love their favorite books.

My favorite book is Twilight. I love it because it is about love and how strong an emotion it is. It is also about vampires which is kind of my favorite thing right now.

Okay, I don't want any compalints about other peoples faves. If you want to get into a nice discussion about your faves go ahead. But no arguements

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Re: Favorite Books

I have two top Favorites

Twilight. I love Twilight because its so believable - in a way. You can relate to Bella Swan - in most of the books - and I love that. Its so awesome. I also have a thing for vampires. Strong. Fast. Sexy. Love them!

Cirque Du Freak. This book was an awesome series. Even though its from a male point of view, I still kind of relate to him. I would tell how I relate to him, but I don't want to give anything away. So yeah. 

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Re: Favorite Books

I have two favs. The first is a series called the Sally Lockhart Mysteries by Philip Pullman. I love these books because they're written in an interesting, suspenseful writing style. The setting of Victoria-era London is so fascinating! Sally Lockhart herself is such a resourceful, strong character. My other favorite book is Spindle's End by Robin McKinely. This is a retelling of my favorite fairy tale (Sleeping Beauty). In this book there is a lush fantasy world that seems to jump off the page, and an engaging plot and heroine.
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Re: Favorite Books

Gosh, I have so many! There are the books I love for their kick-butt heroines (Tamora Pierce, Shannon Hale, Graceling, His Dark Materials), those I love because of the fantasy and twisting plot (Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter), those I love for humor and action (The Three Musketeers, A Tale of Two Cities, Finding Nouf), and those I love for the love themes (Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, Austenland)! I know there's so much more, too - I love a lot of books, what can I say?
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Re: Favorite Books

Wicked Lovely has to be my new favorite book. It's about faeries and other mystical things, it gets a little confusing but I love the romance. I seriously think that if you liked Twilight that you would love Wicked Lovely as well.


I think I loved it because it was romanc-ey but still mystical.

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Re: Favorite Books

My favorite books change from month to month, depending on what I'm reading.  Lol.


My fave right now has to be Hunger Games or Skinned. Both of them are amazing.  

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Re: Favorite Books

I love a book if it's well-written, not too sappy/annoying, isn't heavy horror (I don't like being scared), and I'm not a fan of most (I mean most, not all) fantasy or sci-fi (as in, there are exceptions).  (Blue Bloods I liked because of the Gossip Girl-esque atmosphere, Gemma Doyle I liked because it was well-written and it had intrigue, Narnia I liked because I had wanted to read them). 


I like contemporary teen fiction, light horror (think Fear Street Series), edginess, historical fiction (certain eras), mystery/intrigue/suspense, funny novels (a funny romance without the excess sappiness/annoying factor is okay), dramatic novels...I'm all over the place.

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Re: Favorite Books

My favorite book is "Speak" by Laurie Anderson and also "The face on the Milk Carton" by Caroline B. Cooney.