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First images of New Moon movie released

Hey guys,


I didn't see anything about this here yet - I thought you all might like to know that some of the first images of the movie version of New Moon have been released.  Check them out!



You can find more here

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Re: First images of New Moon movie released

just saw the trailer!!! already looks soooo much more better than twilight! they changed the house to what i actually imagined it while reading, and the image isnt so gloomy and dark and depressing anymore, it's actually (drumroll please) LIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

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Re: First images of New Moon movie released

I COMPLETELY agree! it looks like an actual movie, not like the ones they play on disney channel, lol. I know, the house does look like i imagined it. I liked new moon (the book) better than twilight (the book) so yeah, i hope they do better. and on the upside, Taylor Lautner+shirt off= HAWTNESS!! i have the picture from the trailer where taylor has his shirt off on my phone set for when people call me. so yeah, im obsessed! lol :smileyvery-happy:
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Re: First images of New Moon movie released

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH EVERYONE ON THIS PAGE!! i was so excited about the trailer of new moon that i recorded it on my phone!! LOL!! it was worth it though and im so anxious to see it.... and i finished all of the books last month... i was so pleased with the series....
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Re: First images of New Moon movie released

New Moon makes me sad.... :smileysad:

ever now today after reading the book atleast 10, I still cry every time I read chapter 3....



I love the pictures! Taylor's HOT ever if I don't like his charactor! I HATE JACOB!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!



for some reason I still don't see him as me he's still shark boy! lol! :smileyhappy:






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Re: First images of New Moon movie released

Hi Guys I have not gone through the movie named new moon but am aware of the new moon books.Not bad at all but good enough to entertain but after looking to the pics i am anxious to watch the movie.
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Re: First images of New Moon movie released

I must say I am very excited for the movie. It should be really good from what I've seen. Probably a LOT better than Twilight, just with the new budget increases and the new director. I loved Catherine Hardwicke for Twilight, but I'm not sure she had the right CGI experience to really tackle New Moon. I know for a fact Chris Wietz does and I'm excited to see how he's going to handle everything. From what we've seen on the trailer, with Jacob transforming into his werewolf form, it's going to be good! :smileyvery-happy:
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