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Good books?

I need a new series! Preferably a longer one, but short ones are fine too.


Question: Is Wicked lovely good?

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Re: Good books?

Wicked Lovely is great!!! Some longer series are

  • House of Night series (6th comes out in October, atleast 9 in total)
  • Vampire Academy series (4th comes out in August, 12 in total)
  • Night World series (10th comes out in ?, 10 in total)
  • Gema Doyle series (3 in total but long books)
  • Bity of Bones series (3 in total but long books)
  • The Last Apprentice series (5th came out a little bit ago, unkown to how many, thick books)
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Re: Good books?

You should read some of the books by Tamora Pierce! She has a bunch of books out there (I'm talking around 26) and they all rock! But some of my favorites are Trickster's Choice and Beka Cooper: Terrier. They're all just really good reads, and there are tons to choose from!


Also, The Book Thief is wonderful, though it is a stand-alone novel, not a series.


Good luck finding things to read! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Good books?

the pretty little liars series had about five books and they arent too long but they are good. twilight series is awesome.
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Re: Good books?

Try the Cate Tiernan series (Both of them) and L.J. Smith's books (any of them).
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Re: Good books?

try the great and terrible beauty
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Re: Good books?

You could try the Percy Jackson series.

Or the Guardians Of Time Trilogy.

You might enjoy them like I did.

Or you could try some of Sarah Dessen's books. Though that's not a series.

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Re: Good books?



The Hunger Games

The Mediator Seires

Blue is for Nightmares Series

The Mediator Series

The Truth about Forever

The Pretty Little liars Series


hope i helped! :smileyhappy:


i didn't like wicked lovley i didn't even finished it

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Re: Good books?

Try the Principles of Love series by Emily Franklin.  Each book isnt really long but in total I think theres about 8 and their really good.

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Re: Good books?

blue is for nightmares series

pretty little liars series

love comes softly series

the wicked's not the play about the wicked has nothing to do with that at all.

The Blue Is for Nightmares Collection 

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